Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Animal print is trendy yet so challenging to wear. The key here is moderation. If you opt for an animal print top, it’s a big NO to partner with the same print unless you want to look like an animal kingdom. 

I believe that animal print has most impact when it forms a focal point of your outfit- not the entire outfit. One of the easiest ways to wear it is by teaming them with black, white or neutral colours. This is such a crisp, timeless look.  Denim and chambray are also considered neutrals and they also make good leopard print partners.

Ok! enough with the roaring and katy Perry lyrics:)

via my instagram
via my instagram

 I think I'm in the prime of my life that

Life is Good!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Counting stars

Lately, my life has been full of counting. counting hours until work is over, counting bad relationship I had in the past that nothing seems last! (holly crap! love department seems so cruel and rude to me! ) counting the money I spend on things I need (and a lot of things I don’t), counting the days till my birthday.

Sometimes counting calms me down, makes me feel life is like a nice warm apple pie. Divided into four equal manageable slices and inherently surprise by virtue of its crust. It has an element of entertainment in every slice. But sometimes it fills me with anxiety and dread, as if every good thing was running out of time and every bad things was rushing towards me.

I wonder when I’ll stop counting. 

I wonder when I’ll be able to loosen my grip on every little thing I do, and just live. I want my actions to be generous and deliberate, not hampered by second-guessing and impatience. I want to find something divine, some greater sense of liberating, driving purpose, without constantly stopping to consult every word of the fine print. 

Life is good!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

An affirmation that flowers are good expense

Back as a kid, I would love to pick a handful of wildflowers and putting them on empty jar. It’s just one of the random things I love doing other than swimming all afternoon and picking up seashells at the beach.

Today, as an adult living in the fast paced city life. I realized, I have become one of those who love buying and taking pictures of flowers. (not the expensive arrangement from a flower store that cost an arm and a leg).

 A habit I’m trying to continue each week. It’s nice to buy things that simply make you smile. 

If only I had the photography chops and a perfect natural light coming from an open window. My photo's would be divine. Which a factor that I should consider if I plan to look for a new apartment. but for now, I just need to change the paint to white and a good wall lighting will do the trick.

I would buy flowers during Sunday at Legaspi flea market and Wednesday at the right side entrance of Baclaran church, they are fresh and pocket friendly than flower shops.

Now let me count the ways in the most sensible and acceptable manner why you need to buy yourself a flower:

Because arranging them in a vase or your precious mason jar might scratch a creative itch.

Because it’s a relatively small gesture that will supply you with pleasure for days to come.

Because having beautiful surroundings help you to be the best you can be.

Because your favorite flowers don’t get the appreciation they deserve — except from you.

Because otherwise you might try to care for yourself through an unsupportive habit.

You’re a grownup, who have work and you can.

Nobody’s ever bought you flowers- the worst case.

Because looking at them stirs up emotions.

Or maybe you’ll inspire someone to do the same for them self.

• And it's worth a try.

Life is good!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

H&M Philippines

You might be one of those who had been eager to have a peek, shop and saved moola since first hearing the widespread humor that H&M(  Hennes & Maruitz store) was opening in Manila. People asking: is it true? When?

Whichever category you were in, face the truth you have been made aware, consciously or not. How could you not? There was infinite surge of H&M model clad bigger than life billboards in Edsa, flooding instagram photos, twitter and in facebook.

The campaign was quite massive. Let’s admit it!

So yesterday it finally happened. The Swedish fashion brand opened its door in the Philippines at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall.

Hardcore fashion lovers and goers lined up as early as Thursday afternoon thou a private party for VIP shoppers got a preview before the day it was opened to public which charmed countless Filipinos because of unending updates of their social media accounts.

I did not of course, manage to be among the first few shoppers of the store, for the unreceding length of the queue was enough to kill off my inborn appetite for shopping…lol the truth is I have work that day which is a good excuse for this money trap:)

However, I’m still on the verge of curiosity and I know one of this days. I will find myself inside the store roaming and wondering around or if patience strikes me. I'll wait for the SM Makati branch to open which is way more accessible and most likely the hype already dissipate at that time.

I just wish that collections they collaborated with international designers likeAlexanderWang, Isabel Marant, Versace and Lanvin are available on the rocks and armed with a plentiful array of undergarments, accessories and bags.

Most of all, I do hope that H&M Philippines will hold to its brand know to be a wallet friendly fashion house than its foreign counterparts.

happy shopping! 

Life is good!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coastal Cleanup Day

The ICC (International Coastal Cleanup) is the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean’s health and to bring awareness and combat the issue of marine debris. A dedicated day to improve, beaches, coastal regions and surrounding areas throughout the world.It has operated for over 26 years.

Last September 27 2014, together with my colleague and through the effort of our CSR Department, we were able to participate and give back to the nature.

The experience was both inspiring and sad. Sad because with gloves and a trash bag, I found our stretch of coast thoroughly inundated by waste of all kinds. Inspiring, because of many volunteers surrounding me who were committed to keeping the ocean clean and healthy.

Ocean trash is truly a global problem that affects human health. Endangers marine wildlife and cost states and nations millions in wasted resources and lost revenue. At its core, however, ocean trash is not an ocean problem: it is a people problem- perpetuated by our wrong choices, unwitting practices which we have adopted overtime.

Every second breath you take comes from the ocean, No matter where you live; your life depends on the ocean. 
Beyond the breaths you take, the ocean plays a critical role in regulating our weather and climate.
10 Things you can do for trash free seas:

The Ocean is a vital part of our life. We should fight to save it. There is after all no planet B. 
The ocean need our help to keep millions of pounds of trash away from it.
 Our everyday choice can help keep it clean.

just remember that we all love beach summer escapades:)

Life is good!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan

It’s been two months that rain keep on saying Hi and hello! So lagi tayong ito ako! basang basa sa ulan! at baha-mas island!

For the fashion goers, it’s perfect for layering and scarf-a-day-ootd.

Thou, I can only enjoy this kind of weather during bed time and rest day. Which I cocoon myself all day, sleep and enjoy a cup of joe then back to bed without worrying my electricity bill for the next month. Kasi malamig na:)

Yes, sleep is a luxury for me. With the kind of work I have. So pardon me.

I’m done with all those night out booze and doing nothing until wee hours…I’m a retired bitch or should I say I’m giving myself a favor or it comes with

With this gloomy weather, let me bring you sunshine by sharing my Nacpan beach El Nido Palawan adventure with my brother! I know, we all wish for a sunny weather these days. So I have a reason to post it:)

So if you’re wedging your own island for your next summer ganap adventure count in the Philippines 7100+ archipelagic challenge, there’s one tiny spot down north that promise of a pure nature bliss and perfect instagramic view.

Situated in Sitio Calitang, approximately 17 kilimoters north of El Nido Town. The twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are prime attraction of the mainland.

You have two options to get here; you can sign up for an inland tour or rent a motorcycle.

The rent for the motorcycle is 700Php for whole day. We both know how to drive, but I’m the lazy one, so brother does the job.

Other than the famous Elnido island hopping activity, you can also beach bum and enjoy the glory of summer.

Never mind the bumpy ride from the town proper; what awaits you is a pristine white sand and clear water that can rival boracay.

The best part: It is completely secluded, no thickening swarms and   loudening buzz of its neighbors. So get here now, and it’s all yours.

Cream sand beach decorated with coconut Trees.

We laze around all day, blissfully satisfied to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life:)

Life is Good!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Try : Colbie Caillat

The video was first posted to you tube on July 8 and it struck a chord with viewers. It has been viewed  21, 21,269.942 billion and had generated lots of passionate debate.

The song has a powerful message about appearance, acceptance and society expectations of beauty.

I love Colbie Cailat music since her first debut album Coco released in 2007. What I love about her is that she wrote and sings about simple, everyday things in an unassuming manner.  Every song has a soulful swing and sunny tunes which is hard to compare to other artist.

In her new single Try, from the album Gypsy Heart,  She stance against so-called perfection, encouraging women of all ages to embrace what they already have as they strip off the layers of make-up for the camera.

The clip features woman in diverse ages, races and boy type are shown singing along to such poignant lyrics as “When you’re all alone by yourself, do you like you?

One woman also removes a wig to reveal a bald head, and Caillat herself removes hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

The song finishes: "Take your make-up off/Let your hair down/Take a breath/Look into the mirror, at yourself/Don't you like you?/Cause I like you."

The song is a self-empowerment, urging every one of us to look deeper than the surface when it comes to ourselves.

You don't have to try so hard, You don't have to give it all away, You just have to get up, get up, get up; You don't have to change a single thing!

This is such a perfect song for the real world today’s society. We are pressured to live up to other’s expectations.

Ladies and gents, you are amazing and beautiful and should take a moment to watch this video:)

No Photoshop in this world that will make you a better person and tones of make-up. You just have to accept who you are and that you're beautiful and unique in your own way :)

Life is good!

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